History :

 BEN : Business Enterprise Networking (BENwas founded by Darrell James and Rajinderpal Singh and established in 2016

The London based Business Enterprise Networking (BEN). Outwithben It evolved from the need for a safe place for LGBT business people to meet like-minded professionals during a time when some organisations hold silent discrimination.

Future :

We wanted to have an environment to promote and provide services and product for LGBT business and business community, creating inclusion in a diverse demographics.

In line with legislation changes, diversity and equality of our member base, The Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act 2013, which allows same-sex marriage in England and Wales, was passed by UK Parliament in July 2013 and came into force on 13 March 2014, with the first same-sex marriages taking place on 29 March 2014.

As OutwithBEN develops on foundations of LGBT focus in London, along with supportive organisations Stonewall and Consortium and many other established leading pioneers in is establishing diverse identities.

As we forecast and establish growing members, ranging from sole traders, entrepreneurs, small to medium business, through to corporations and therefore establishing subscribers to our database.

What We Do :

We endeavor opportunities to learn, network and promote services among members and our guests from both the LGBT community and business. We will be delivering our members and guests a diversity of complementary or subsidized events, services, opportunities, and partnerships – either directly or by partners with other organisations.

The enterprise will facilitate an opportunities for members to grow their business far beyond the LGBT community, and welcome engagement from across the business community. We believe there is one business community – not a ‘straight’ one or an ‘LGBT’ one. Membership is open to professionals of any orientation who support OutwithBEN and core values the opportunities that membership presents. 

Our Mission :

Our mission is to provide corporate and individual business opportunities to our members and their guests through regular networking, business, and social events, and the promotion of LGBT professionals in the business community. 

Objective :

Our objective is to provide a variety of forums at which people can share knowledge, grow their business network, and promote their business.

How we do this :

 We do this directly or by partnering with organisations that reconside the benefit of aligning themselves with the LGBT. We Will be : Organise regular networking business events and networking for our members;

– Create positive environments in which members can present and pitch their products, services and talents to other professionals;

-Provide forums for high profile speakers to address BEN on issues of interest to our members;

-Uphold a professional environment that is devoted to business and community support for LGBT members;

-Support existing successful businesses and provide support to new businesses that are trying to launch or grow.